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FIND GF: Private Resort: Boys In The Sun

This sun kissed film is a bit of a change of pace for Raging Stallion Studios. A co-production with, Private Resort: Boys In The Sun doesn't feature the usual assortment of gigantic, hairy and tattooed muscle studs that we're used to seeing in their epics. In fact, you'll find the ensemble cast very much on the young and hairless side of porn stars (thus the collaboration with the popular smooth boy website). Where better to put these cute spunks than at a resort setting for all their sordid activities? The Coral Reef Resort is the name of this clothing optional twink haven and Ryan Raz and Tommy Defendi are the first couple to arrive. They're equally excited about the weekend's possibilities as we are and quickly check in to their room so the fun can begin. Now, I'm a massive Ryan fan, so starting off any film with him was always going to endear it to my eyes. When they get to their room, they talk about all the hot guys they've seen and this gets Ryan horny for some fun. He gets Tommy on the bed and they both take off their shirts so they can feel each other's ripped, smooth chests while they kiss each other. Ryan starts to feel Tommy's rock hard boner through his underwear, and then gets the monster cock out to suck on it while its owner gives a moan of approval. Ryan looks at it as if it were an object to be truly worshiped and he does so by wrapping his lips around it tight while Tommy puts a sneaky hand up Raz's shorts to feel his cock at the same time. Soon both guys have their cocks out, proving that twinks are as well hung as RSS's other masculine stars. Tommy sucks on Ryan's for a while and then it's on to the part we've all been waiting for. Ryan's best known for his bottoming skills and he puts in another fantastic performance here, riding Tommy's thick dick with ease. But when the guys get themselves into a reverse piledriver position, you're really going to be impressed. It seems to really hit the spot for Ryan, who cries out from the unusual ass hammering and his legs are so far over his own head that he could almost suck his own cock. They turn over into missionary and Ryan has to keep stopping himself from jerking because he's continually getting close. Tommy soldiers on, producing some heavy breathing from all the effort he's putting in. Then he pulls out and whacks his cock till he's blown all over Ryan's tool and Ryan has done the same. In a beautiful conclusion, Ryan puts both their dicks together for a bit of a rub and they kiss as we fade out. After this encounter, head over to scene three for the outdoor fuck between Ridge Michaels and Hunter Vance. Ridge showed up on my radar a few months back when this reviewer saw his brief scene in Roadtrip 6: Temptation Ranch and it was love at first sight. The strawberry blond, ripped and tattooed stud is a versatile performer with some of the best looks we've seen on a twink for a long time. He straddles young and innocent with slightly rough and jockish and he's an amazing performer. Here he strokes and sucks on Hunter in the outdoor shower before shoving his stunning cock up his buddy's hole by the pool. Asking if Hunter like his big dick while slamming his hole, you're going to really wish you were on the receiving end of this hottie's tool by the time the scene is over and both boys have cum over Hunter's body. Do not miss the outdoor three-way between Justin Taylor, Ryan Raz and Tommy Defendi, which follows this one-on-one, and check out the dirty talk between Justin Taylor and Tommy Defendi in the final scene where Justin tops Tommy in the bedroom. The action and cast of this film are fantastic. It's a simple and effectively set and filmed movie with my only criticism being that you can occasionally hear director Gio Carulo dishing out instructions to the cast, which breaks some of the illusion at times.


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